About Thrive Parenting

Helping families thrive through hands-on
classes, coaching & consultations

Thrive Baby and parenting Clinic was founded by Sister Andrea in 2014. She is also a lactation consultant and a wife and mom to two gorgeous, lively and passionate boys, Jesse and Tristan. She wrote the Thrive Clinic programme when her second was born, which helps moms and dads discover full enjoyment of their new parenting journey as well as helping them use routines for their baby’s unique personality type. She also developed the Thrive Nanny Training Course which is a nanny/parenting course and aims to inspire and change the lives of the amazing ladies doing it.

andrea koen

A note from Andrea

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a fascination about people and how they are so unique in their personalities. I love how babies are born with their own unique template, and love helping new parents enable their children to flourish and blossom into the people they were made to be.

I had my first son Jesse in 2010. He was a little live wire, crawling at 5 months, waking at 7 months, used to fight his sleep and had such a passion for life.

After learning many lessons the hard way, I observed that different personality type babies need different routines and that you can’t use a one size fits all approach with babies. By the time my second son Tristan was born, I parented him completely differently and absolutely delighted in the journey. It was so much easier and more enjoyable.

My passion is to help parents and families thrive in this incredible gift called parenthood.


The ‘Mommy and Me’ classes are such a gift and integral part of our clinic because they provide a weekly opportunity for moms to connect and watch their babies (with their own unique little personalities) blossom. It also organically causes communities and Mamatribes to form which can help support and encourage each other in this incredible, precious journey called Mommyhood.

One of my favourite things to do is one on one parenting consultations, with parents of older kids to help parents understand how to work with their different personality type children as well as to give them parenting tools that can help them fully enjoy and be empowered in raising their kids. Also to help them discover their strengths as a parent and how to complement each other as a team.

I am so blessed to work with and incredible team of ladies who share the same heart as I do and am honoured to call friends. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. It is an incredible privilege.