Baby and Parenting Clinic

for families who want to flourish

We believe each child is so unique, and we help create spaces  for you to discover parenting styles that suit both your family and your individual children.

Guiding parents on the journey to build thriving families

Thrive is an exciting space in Durban where new parents and children learn how to blossom into who they were meant to be. It offers a friendly, helpful and caring environment providing much-needed expertise and support on the journey of raising children that Thrive.

Children arrive into this world with an innocence and light in their eyes which we want to preserve, raising them in a way which creates an optimism and grounding to deal with the challenges of life. Our wide range of classes, courses and consultations create healthy spaces that aid parents in the journey of discovering how to raise these precious gifts which have been entrusted to us.

Andrea is a qualified nurse and Midwife and has obtained a Bcur degree (Cum laude) in Stellenbosch University in 2004.

Courses and Consults

Antenatal Courses

Preparing for the birth of your baby? Come and join our fun and interactive classes over two Saturday mornings at our beautiful rooms at Health@202 in Glenwood

Nanny Training

This fantastic and dynamic course aligns the hearts of nannies and the families that they work with. Fun and practical, whilst building true meaning of caring for our babies and children.

Breastfeeding Consults

Breastfeeding is said to be the most natural thing in the world, but almost every single mommy needs some help in those early days. With professional lactation consultants, we love helping mommies with the art of breastfeeding.

Feeding & Sleeping

We help you build routines specifically for your child’s personality, and offer specialised clinic consultations to guide you in all aspects of feeding and gentle sleeping routines, immunizations, milestones & stimulation.

Parenting Consults

Moms and Dads have the most important job in the world. We offer one on one consults with parents as well as talks filled with insight and tools to thrive in our relationships with each other and with our children.

For course dates, information and booking WhatsApp Andrea on 082 553 4092.

From our parents...

Antenatal Training

We always say in our Antenatals, that if we can prepare you properly for the first few weeks of taking baby home, we have done our job. Understandably, most moms often can’t think much past how baby is going to come out! However, may times we hear new mommies express that they wished that someone had helped to prepare them for what they were in for during the first few weeks.

In the first session, we prepare you properly for naturals, caesars and Dad’s very important role as ‘project manager’ as well as a visit to the labour ward. On top of that, we really like to add to that layer with preparation for those early whirlwind weeks, as well as preparing your heart for parenting. Thrive has a very intentional parenting focus, as we like to help you dream about how we are going to raise these little people who have been entrusted to us. We do a parent personality quiz in the course and have fun guessing what types of little people we are going to produce. It also helps to prepare your relationship as a couple for your special new journey, and helps to improve communication when time is sure to be limited and pressure will be on in the near future.

As a lactation consultant, I am passionate about helping moms through their breastfeeding journey and provide support after birth until well into the parenting years. The baby bath with a real little live baby is also such a treat and is really enjoyed by our new mommies and daddies to be.

Thrive really strives to provide you with a tool kit of things that “moms and dads want to know” (not just an academic approach of what your doctor needs to know) in preparation for your new little ones arrival.

Nanny Training

There is one thing in life that we cannot put a price on, and that is the safety and love that our children experience as they grow up.
As a working mom myself, I have found that a nanny is one of the most important people that you will ever employ in your life. I always say that it is important to train up someone as good as you, if not better.
The Thrive Nanny course was birthed out of my journey of discovery in the process of employing five Nannies myself, and developing a process that helps enable a wonderful working relationship between both parties. The Thrive course not only covers all the practicals, but is also a parenting course, and helps focus on building the emotional intelligence of children.  Many of our beautiful ladies report on how their relationship with their own children was inspired and enhanced too. Most of them love the course so much, that they wish it carried on for the whole year.
We strive for professionalism and awesome relationships for nannies and parents. Both our families and nannies are so important to us.  It is often so difficult for new moms to employ a nanny for the first time, and that is one of the reasons that brilliant Nanny Training is an integral part of the Thrive journey. I always hope to pave the way and help to make the journey into new motherhood less rocky than mine was.  To help your family truly Thrive and to enable you to enjoy those first few years with peace of mind and without the stress of worrying if your child is being well looked after.
My current Nanny is so incredible…I always say she is my PA/  housekeeper/  boys home schooler/ chef/  life saver/  bestie. I  have on many occaisions got home and been surprised by beautiful Mothers day gifts and crafts  that her and the children have made for me.  And I hope that you ladies can have the same experience too. 
The course is filled with practical and hands on stimulation ideas, that help to inspire your Nanny with teaching of babies, toddlers and children. We have had some amazing reviews that the the security in the home (we brought in the research of professional body guards)  and CPR aspects of the course  have  actually saved lives too.

Lisa Raleigh